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Veza is the most trustworthy, affordable, turnkey, vetted, white-label marketplace on the Planet.


Built for you to Scale!

Whether you need expert talent to deliver a service or you want to give more work to your current team, Veza is the right place for your agency to scale.


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With Veza, You'll Never Have To Say "No"

Need help? Get agency talent on your projects and tasks right away. Got extra capacity? Make your team available to other agencies in need.

Outsource work

On Veza Marketplace, you'll be able to assign the best agency talent to your client projects at a discounted price. From web design and development to copywriting and paid ads, you will never have to turn down client work only because you’ve reached capacity in-house.

Find creative projects

If your team is ready to take up more work, but you’re struggling to get clients yourself, Veza Marketplace can help you secure valuable projects during dry periods to keep your staff occupied and ensure that you're always busy.

Do both

If you are unsure which one you want to do, you can sign up and always use both options. Veza Marketplace gives you the flexibility to delegate or commission projects and tasks on an as-needed basis.

Market Size
Marketing Agencies Worldwide
Yearly growth in marketing deals
Already Signed-up
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Platform made to collaborate

Process Automation

Create projects and assign/outsource talent in a streamlined, automated process.

Account Management

Your account managers will be there to help you organize your projects, every step of the way.

Automatic Feedbacks

We auto-collect your feedback, offering you the best talent - regardless of the circumstances.

Project Management

Agile project management tools like Kanban, milestones and Gantt view tracking capabilities.

Integrated Payment

Secure payment options and invoicing between agencies are fully supported on the platform.


Fully integrated with Slack, Zoom, Jira, and more so you can manage everything under one roof.

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