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January 2023
Crafting Wireframes & Building a Robust Backend

This January, we initiated the Development of our platform's backend, we also created the basic structure (wireframe) of our website.

February 2023
Revolutionizing Our Cutting-Edge UI Design

In February we focused on enhancing UX with Stunning front-end Development & Intuitive UI/UX Design

March 2023
Empowering the Marketplace with Advanced Seller-Side Development

Lumio, previously called Foenix, was a social media analytics company that helped brands like Audi, David Jones and Red Balloon source legitimate influencers for social media campaigns.

April 2023
Seamless Transactions Made Simple

In April, after rigorous testing, we Streamlined Payment methods for Secure & Reliable transactions

May 2023
Innovating the Marketplace with Advanced Buyer-Side Development.

In May we placed the focus on Empowering Buyers with advanced features - Search, Filters, Project pages, Payment, Reviews & Ratings

June 2023
A Flawless Marketplace Experience

Our focus for June will be Rigorous Marketplace testing - Usability, Performance, Security, & Interface - Ensuring a Flawless User Experience.

July 2023
Harnessing User Insights & Gathering Feedback

July will be all about Beta Testing & Refining the UX through Trusted user feedback.

August 2023
Strategic Planning & Dynamic Promotion Initiatives

Our August Strategy involves Unleashing our Marketing Power - Planning, Preparing, & Amplifying Engaging materials & Social media presence.

September 2023
Full-Scale Seller Onboarding to Maximize Marketplace Potential

September will be all about Onboarding to provide a Seamless Integration of Unlimited Verified Sellers with Comprehensive Training & Support.

October 2023
Our Soft Launch & Early Access Journey

In October we will be ready for our Soft Launch - Unleashing the Marketplace with Onboarded Sellers, Fine-Tuning for a Flawless Full Launch.

November 2023
Streamlined Buyer Onboarding for Unparalleled Marketplace Access

In November we will be Seamlessly Integrating Unlimited Verified Buyers for Optimal Platform Performance & Transactional Integrity

December 2023
🚀 launches
Our Full Launch, Dynamic Marketing, & Seamless Integrations

December we will Unleash Excellence with our Full Platform Launch with Amplified Marketing, & Seamless Integrations with Leading Tools.

January 2024
Efficiency Enhanced Q1 2024 Integration of Project Management Tools

Our focus in Q1 2024 will be a Seamless Integration of Project Management Tools for Enhanced User Experience and Task Management.